Restore youth to your hands

M any people forget that in addition to the face, another area that screams out one’s age is the back of the hand. This is because the back of the hand is usually not covered. In addition it is common for people to look at the back of the hand to notice the diamond ring or watch worn by the individual. It would be such a waste if these expensive accessories were worn on aged hands. The back of the hand is a good indicator of age because a firm face with aged hands is a dead giveaway of the person’s actual age.

The causes of aged hands

Hands that are not beautiful and aged have the following characteristics:

  • The skin is wrinkled with no elasticity. There may be black or white blotches on the skin, which are indicators of damage to the epidermis. This may be due to UV exposure because the back of the hand is a sun-exposed area. Aging and UV rays cause the skin to become thinner losing collagen and moisture. This causes the appearance of wrinkles and lack of elasticity.
  • The shrinking of the skin on the back of the hand revealing blood vessels under the skin. The color of the blood vessels may appear or even protrude from the skin. This is because the fat layer has disappeared resulting in volume loss, which is a consequence of aging.
The Treatment

Filler and Vital injector are highly recommend as it is softer, making it easy to inject. It also lasts longer without bruising or swelling like the injection of fat that takes two weeks to recover and cannot be injected in small areas of the hands.

Expected Results

The results are visible immediately in solving aging signs on the back of the hands while the prominent blood vessels will disappear and the skin would have a smooth youthful appearance. It would help to refill the moisture in the skin making it soft and supple.