skin discolorations

*Recovery times / Results May Vary

One of the skin problems we’re sure everybody is familiar with is abnormality of skin pigmentation, commonly known as “birthmark”. They appear the second you crawl out of your mother’s womb or few weeks after birth. Most of them are non-cancerous but only some conduce towards several health risks.

Pigmented Birthmark

is the discoloration of skin, which appear smooth and flat. However, These birthmarks should be observed when bleeding, itching or changes in color, shape and size occurs. There are various types of birthmark such as Nevus of Ota, Mongolian Spots or Café – Au – Lait spots.


usually appeared in tan or brown patches. Sunscreen is strongly recommended to suppress the pigmentation from growing because sunlight will worsen the color of the pigmentation areas. The problem may also occur in pregnancy, women on birth control pills or postmenopausal. Melasma may go away after pregnancy, but persistent pigmentation needs to be treated with prescription medication and some from over-the-counter skin care products.


are a common type of growth on the skin, usually appear in black or brown color. Moles occur when pigmented cells in the skin grow in a group instead of being spread throughout the skin. The color may appear just like the normal skin during the earlier occurrence, and will in time darken after exposure to the sun, through the adolescence and pregnancy. If you notice changes in a mole’s color, size or shape, you should seek a dermatologist’s advice for it. Then they would take a biopsy to examine whether the mole is cancerous or not. The process of removing moles is quiet simple. They will be removed by cutting out the entire mole to its roots and trim off the skin surrounded them, and stich the wound close.


is a dark brownish spot that usually darker than the color of the surrounding skin, often found more in those with fairer skin. The major cause of lentigines is from sun exposure. Though some lentigines are caused by genetics or medical procedures, but the best advice we need to reach out to all of you is to stay out of the sun as much as possible and always apply sunscreen. Treating these spots takes time but they are absolutely curable. Various kinds of treatment include Cryotherapy, laser, surgery and creams that composed of retinoid and bleaching agents.


are small brownish spots, extremely common and are not a health threat. They are usually found on the face and arm especially among people with lighter skin and those with light or red hair. Since freckles are almost always harmless, there really is no need to treat them. As with many skin conditions, it's best to avoid the sun as much as possible, or use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. For women, make up can be another option to cover them up.

Seborrheric Keratoses

usually appear darker ranges from brown to black color, with bumpy appearance. They originated from skin cells called keratinocytes, but the cause of seborrheric keratoses is still unknown. Through the medical ways, they are not harmful and not contagious. However; if we look at it closer into an aesthetic way, it can be removed by using laser or cryotherapy. One bad thing is that it can’t be prevented, because it one of human’s aging processes. However, using sunscreen can help suppressing the development of seborrheric keratoses.

Redness from Vessel alterations of the skin

The vessel alterations of the skin are the small capillary or venous nets, of the nose, the cheeks, the chin, and the vessel malformations of the lower limbs and the other parts of the body, as excessively strong distinction of subdermal  and intradermal veins, red and bluish capillary nets.
The most effective method for treating the blood vessels is the so called Nd: YAG-lasers. The emission of this type of lasers allows to influence effectively the extended capillaries, the starlike hemangioma and the small dermal venous nets without damaging other structures. 

Medical Treatments

The method of treatment will most usually depend on the doctor’s discretion as people come for different purposes and problems. However, Laser is still namely the most effective innovations used by more leading beauty industries these days to support a growing number of interests in health and beauty. Technologies used in our clinic are virtually painless and without any downtime, as you can go back to your normal activities right after the session is done. Though sunscreen will always be recommended, as skin will be a little more sensitive for people with skin discoloration. For brownish pigment (Melanin) improvement can be treated by Medlite C6, Dual Yellow Laser, SRA,Lux-G Laser Genesis and Chemical Peels. For Redness and small vessel can be treated by Dual Yellow, Laser Genesis, SRA,Lux-G and Acne Clear Light.