male breast reduction

(Gynecomastia / Mastectomy)
*Recovery times / Results May Vary
“I want my chest to look bigger but I am having a hard time building up my pecs. I’ve heard that guys get a breast reduction to help get rid of flab that won’t go away around the nipples but I think that might end up making my chest look smaller. How do I decide between getting pec/chest implants and breast reduction? Will I still be able to build up muscle if I get the implants? Could I get both?”

If for any reason a man has “fatty fullness” in the breast area, this can be reduced and contoured. Fat deposition is the main reason for male breast fullness. This excess fat can be removed and any excess breast tissue, if needed, can be excised. This is all accomplished through a one inch incision under the nipple-areola area that is barely if at all detectable.

If there is a very localized protrusion under and around the nipple-areola area and is unsightly, it can be removed with a very small incision.

If, in addition, the general pectoral contour of the chest is flat, sub pectoral implants can be placed. If this is performed it will stimulate muscular development so working out to build up this area would not be necessary.

Indications for Pectoral implants are very few. They include rare cases of sever post surgery or post trauma deformities(concavities) and cases of “Poland Syndrome”,They usually not meant for breast enhancement .Those implants may be bothersome , uncomfortable at times and may limit certain functions and therefore interfere with the daily activities. When done people often wish to remove them.


There are many techniques to improve the contour and appearance of the male chest. The male chest may be sculpted using liposuction or discrete amounts of fat may also be excised through a periareolar approach. Chest implants are best reserved for men that do not have excess fat in the chest. Pectoral implants often given overly sculpted appearance to the chest. It is best to discuss your concerns and your aesthetic goals at length with your plastic surgeon. An experienced surgeon will be able to review your options with you and show you examples of what each option may provide.

The surgery time is approximately 3 hours under genereal anesthesia in our affiliated hospital. One night hospital admission is required to the surgery and we always include it in our package price.

The Surgery

During Alarplasty in Thailand your surgeon will make an incision where the wall of the nose meets the cheek. The extra fatty tissue, muscle and skin are trimmed. The nostril is repositioned and lastly is reconnected with fine sutures. So when you come to Thailand for your procedure you’ll notice after the fact a dramatic difference in the appearance of the nose, which is accomplished by changing the shape and size of the nostrils. The surgery time is approximately 1 hour under local anesthesia in our clinic. There is no requirement for one night admission. You should plan to stay in Thailand at least 7 days for the stitch-off and follow-up, 5 days after the surgery.

Pec Implants VS Gynecomastia Surgery

These are two very different procedures. Pec implants are placed for men that want a more defined appearance of their muscles. Gynecomastia surgery is performed to remove fatty or glandular tissue from the male chest.