At Nirunda International Aesthetic Clinic, Bangkok, our expertise spans a broad spectrum of dermatological and cosmetic treatments. Following a patient-centric approach, our board-certified doctors and specialists work closely with each individual to understand their needs and goals, crafting customized treatment plans that deliver remarkable results.

Our skin and beauty clinic in Bangkok offers various services to address our patients’ needs and concerns. Our expertise includes skin care and facial rejuvenation treatments, non-invasive cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery, and body contouring.

Our dermatologists excel in treating a wide range of skin conditions using the latest advancements in skincare. From acne treatments to skin tumors, our board-certified dermatologists provide comprehensive care that addresses both the health and aesthetics of your skin.

Nirunda Clinic in Bangkok also offers personalized anti-aging programs, from non-invasive treatments to plastic surgery, designed to address visible signs of aging to achieve a youthful appearance.

Board-certified doctor team


At Nirunda Clinic, we believe in the power of expert care. Our team of surgeons and dermatologists have international accreditation and experience, allowing us to maintain global standards to ensure you receive the best care tailored to your needs.

Our clinic’s board-certified doctors in Bangkok provide professional dermatology and cosmetic treatments, including plastic surgery, that are effective, safe, and produce results. Our practitioners are committed to ongoing education and adherence to the top medical practices and patient ethics.


board of directors


  • Krittiporn Pengsuk M.D.
    We pursues not only offering the best treatment to each and every patient, but also becoming the international standard clinic in Thailand with the latest medical knowledge and advanced technology.
    Krittiporn Pengsuk M.D.
  • Vorachai Chuenchompoonut M.D.
    We utilize the medical facilities to offer more professional and convenient care for patients. It enables patients to experience one-stop medical care including after care service.
    Vorachai Chuenchompoonut M.D.
    Medical Director

Our clinic, headed by Krittiporn Pengsuk, M.D., President, and Vorachai Chuenchompoonut, M.D., Medical Director, is committed to upholding international standards in aesthetic medicine. Their vision for Nirunda Aesthetic Clinic involves providing the best treatments in Bangkok and fostering an environment of innovation and professional growth.

Our commitment to providing the highest standard of care is reflected in our investment in the latest medical technologies and facilities at our dermatology and plastic surgery clinic in Bangkok. This ensures that all treatments are performed with precision, safety, and the highest level of patient comfort.