Our goal is to enhance your natural looks using the most advanced and minimally invasive techniques and technologies.

A luxurious concierge-oriented, full-service plastic surgery practice and
laser skin center dedicated to helping patients achieve their beauty ideals


Our clinic was founded in 2007 by a group of Board-Certified doctors who were educated overseas and have always been international oriented. Our Board Certified Doctor team is led by the surgical and aesthetic expertise of a Board-Certified and renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeons and Dermatologists.


Team-based Approach

Our philosophy entails making every effort to ensure patient safety and attempt to match surgical goals with realistic. We are a one stop service applying a combined approach of plastic surgeons and dermatologists. The single most important factor in successful cosmetic surgery is the selection of our plastic surgeons. Combining artistry and science together, we prefer our patients to walk out with refined natural look, not an artificial appearance.

One Stop Service

Plastic surgeon and dermatologist team are well board-certified doctors who dedicated to using advanced surgical techniques to achieve your desired look. Nirunda International Aesthetic Clinic is unique in the sense that our doctor team works cordially with every patients they examine each case through the consultation together with the patients very closely, offering understanding perspectives from both sides. Hence, this reduces dissatisfaction and boosts confidence in your surgical plan. Most importantly, our teams work coordinately, cutting operation time in half and consequently creating a safer environment for you.

The most Advanced Derived
Fat Stemcell Technology

We see it as our duty to better understand our patients through continuous research, and the development of our medical team. We are proud to offer the advanced stem cell technology of CAL soft tissue augmentation, the latest breakthrough in plastic surgery. Since 2010 , Stemcell Breast Augmentation by CAL is Patented Technology from Cellport Yokohama, Japan. Nirunda and Cellport Thailand Clinic is only one who has used CAL technology in Asia. We keep updated with the latest scientific research by study and participation in overseas seminars.