*Recovery times / Results May Vary



TWISTER is an aesthetic device use for eliminating localized fat. By using the innovative low frequency technology combined with the action of the infrared rays, Twister guarantee immediate and measurable result starting from the first session. Treatment with twister are easy and quick only 30 minutes allowing the immediate resumption of the patients social life. Session are painless and absolutely non-invasive.

What is the action from twister?

The ray of action of twister’s ultrasonic waves concentrates on the adipose tissue causing the rupture of adiposity and the emission of triglycerides in cellular liquid that are then quickly and naturally metabolized. At the same time, the infrared action determines the increase of the vaso-circulation with the consequent oxygenation of the tissue guaranteeing the visible improvement of the skin. The result is a pleasing and efficient treatment for remodeling the silhouette in total relaxation.

Which part of body can do twister?

Localized fat on Arms, Adbomen, Hips, Inner /Outer thigh, Inner Knee, Love handle etc.