Professional laser hair removal can be painless and effective.

Laser Hair Removal Devices vs a Clinic

Home hair removal used to involve a low-tech approach. Besides shaving – threading, waxing, and applying depilatory creams were some of the most popular home methods. Some of the more esoteric hair removal methods entailed pumice stones, papaya pastes, lemon and honey, and sugar waxing. 

Professional laser hair removal can be painless and effective.

When laser hair removal was introduced, it cornered the market in hair removal. Home laser hair removal has become a big business, with many manufacturers marketing a dizzying array of laser devices to use in the comfort of home. The appeal of these devices is obvious. They allow you to remove your hair at home instead of venturing out to a professional clinic to do it for you. 

While these laser hair removal devices have their fans, only some are sold on them. The home devices have been available for a number of years but have yet to create a noticeable drop in the number of people patronizing clinics to have their hair removal performed by qualified professionals. 

In our exploration of home laser removal devices vs professional clinics, we’ll look at some reasons home laser hair removal devices may not be to everyone’s liking.

Pros of Home Laser Hair Removal Devices

The major difference between these home devices and the ones the professionals use in laser hair removal clinics is how much power they have. Home devices are small hand-held devices that emit a fraction of the light power of professional machines. 

The benefit of these home devices is that they can be operated safely by anyone. They have simple, easily-understood controls and switches, and some of them also offer a choice between basic or advanced skin tone sensors that keep your skin safe and prevent burning. You don’t need to wear safety glasses to operate these low-power devices either. 

Cons of Home Laser Hair Removal Devices

The downsides of these devices are considerable. Most of these devices are fairly expensive. Depending on the particular device you buy, it may not be worth the money when you consider how often you’ll use it and the results you’ll get. 

Performing hair removal at home can also be awkward. You may not be able to reach all spots on your body that require attention and have to enlist a family member or friend to assist you. If you or your assistant are not careful, you can also zap yourself with the laser by holding it too long on an area of the skin.

The relative lack of power also has a bearing on the effectiveness of the home treatments. You’ll need to perform regular top-up sessions. Most home practitioners take twice as long to see significant results and require double the home sessions than sessions done professionally. 

How Laser Hair Removal Works

All Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and laser hair removal devices work on the same principle whether used at home or in a clinic. They use powerful light energy to travel through the skin and reach the dark, melanin-pigmented hair follicle. The light energy converts to heat and destroys specific areas in the follicle. This causes the follicle to shut down its growth and put the hair into a resting phase. 

Repeated laser hair removal sessions may be necessary with home devices because the light used in the devices has to be kept in a safe range of power to protect the skin and prevent the laser from burning it. The light is strong enough to damage the hair, but killing would risk burning the skin. This also helps explain why professional laser hair removal is more effective than home devices. 

Pros of Professional Laser Hair Removal

When you go to a clinic to have your hair removed by professionals, they use a laser or IPL machine that outputs light energy of around 40 J/cm2. The home device outputs around 6 J/cm2. The professionals undergo training and follow strict guidelines in laser device operation to avoid damaging the skin. 

Typically, when undergoing 6 to 8 sessions at around 6-week intervals, you’ll see a 10 to 25% reduction in new hair growth after each session at a professional laser hair removal clinic. The home devices require up to 12 sessions for the same results, and then you must continue with top-ups every 4 to 6 weeks for up to a year. 

With this comparison, it’s easy to see why people who want fast and long-lasting results prefer going to a professional clinic rather than performing hair removal at home. 

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