A woman has a Botox treatment in Bangkok.

Injectable Botox and Beauty Treatments in Bangkok

B angkok has a wealth of aesthetic clinics offering a variety of injectable treatments such as lip fillers and Botox treatments. One of the best aesthetic clinics in the city is Nirunda Aesthetic Clinic. Learn about the variety of injectable treatments they offer to improve your health, reduce wrinkles and give you a younger, more vibrant look. Many women don't want to undergo surgery to improve their appearance. They want to make small improvements that enhance the features they have rather than take the drastic step of undergoing surgery.

Many women don't want to undergo surgery to improve their appearance. They want to make small improvements that enhance the features they have rather than take the drastic step of undergoing surgery.

Nirunda Aesthetic Clinic has several injectable treatments that accomplish the desire for measurable improvements that can be made over time so the recipient can judge their overall effect and suitability. When these injections are combined with other beauty treatments offered by Nirunda, like facials and eyebrow threading, the overall result can be stunning and reveal a new you. All the injectable products used by Nirunda Clinic are US FDA approved. The injectable treatments they offer include a Wrinkle-free injection, Hyaluronic Acid Filler, Mesotherapy, Plasma Growth Factors and a Vitamin IV drip. Let’s look a little closer to find out what each of these treatments offers.

Wrinkle-free Injections

Facial wrinkles are generally on the skin above the muscles around the eyes and mouth and between your eyebrows. These are called dynamic wrinkles, as they come and go depending on the muscles being used and can become more prominent with age. Wrinkle-free injections use muscle relaxants to gently relax the muscles in these problem areas of the face. By restricting the movement of these muscles, the appearance of facial wrinkles is lessened. Muscle relaxers are also used for jaw slimming and give your face a v-shaped look that enhances the eyes, the cheekbones and the upper areas of the face. The muscle relaxer is injected into the chewing muscle in the jaw, which causes the muscle to weaken and shrink. This treatment can also benefit people who suffer from migraine headaches brought on by stress and grinding of the teeth. The muscle relaxer eases tension in the lower part of the face by relaxing the jaw muscle. The results of the muscle relaxer injections can last between four to six months. Your results will depend on how quickly your body absorbs and metabolizes the muscle relaxer. You can repeat the treatment every six months to maintain the look of the treatment. For long-term use, Nirunda Clinic recommends reducing the dosage in repeated applications.

Hyaluronic Acid Filler

Hyaluronic acid filler is a dermal filler that acts like fat cells to fill out cheeks, plump up the lips, and smooth the skin on the face. This is an excellent treatment for people who only want to fill out certain areas of their faces. It replaces lost volume and plumps your skin to remove wrinkles, folds and sagging skin, particularly around the jowls. The treatment is minimally invasive, and the results are instantaneous, lasting from six to eighteen months depending on the condition of your skin. Nirunda offers two hyaluronic acid filler products. Juvederm Facial Filler is made of a hyaluronic acid gel that adds to the skin's volume and hydration. Juvederm is recommended for patients with moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds as it can correct them temporarily. The product is made by Allergan, which also produces Botox. Retylane Facial filler is the other hyaluronic acid filler product offered by Nirunda Clinic. It's a non-animal product that consists of biodegradable gel made of hyaluronic acid. Restylane is used specifically around the mouth and eyes, where a series of tiny injections will smooth out these areas and rid the face of folds and wrinkles to leave the skin younger-looking.


On the opposite end of dermal fillers, you have Mesotherapy. Where dermal fillers increase the volume of the skin, Mesotherapy reduces the fat cells to provide a quick slimming treatment. Meso-therapy gets its name because it focuses on the fat and tissue of the mesoderm layer of the skin. The treatment injects medicinal substances into the skin, which burn fat cells and reduce the volume of the treated areas. The results can be dramatic, with 2-3 inches or more lost in just two treatments. The therapy is used to treat areas prone to excess fat that include:

  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Cheeks
  • Double chin
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Waist
  • Upper arms

Mesotherapy is a controversial therapy because it can cause bruising and mild irritation of the treated area. You need to be aware of the side effects before considering having the treatment. After undergoing a session of Mesotherapy, please avoid any exercise for 24 hours. Once 24 hours have passed, you are encouraged to exercise to maintain the shape that Mesotherapy has helped provide to your body.

Plasma Growth Factors

Plasma Growth Factors is a medical technique that uses the patient's own blood to stimulate a quicker healing response in a damaged area of the patient's body. By using the patient's own blood, there are none of the side effects that introducing foreign substances can trigger. The specialists at Nirunda use Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) as their Plasma Growth Factors treatment. PRP contains a cell called fibroblast, which helps to treat and cure various types of skin issues by creating collagen. These skin issues include acne scars, lack of hair growth and wrinkles. The benefits of Plasma Growth Factors treatment can include:

  • Enhancement of skin tone and texture
  • Generation of new collagen fibers
  • Improve hair growth
  • Improvement of crepey skin in the breast, chest, birthmark, and chest
  • Tightening of skin and improved skin elasticity
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles Injectable PRP treatments feature no downtime or recovery time. Most patients will see improvements in their skin tone and texture within a couple of weeks. The results will last between three and six months.

Vitamin IV Drip

By analyzing the blood, the doctors at Nirunda Clinic can diagnose a range of conditions and diseases. These tests will allow doctors to examine your toxicity, susceptibility to allergic reactions, excess fat circulation, liver function and weaknesses, and vitamin deficiencies. They can then prescribe a vitamin IV drip to help your condition. Nirunda Clinic has many vitamin formulas to choose from for a variety of ailments. These vitamin IV drips are the ideal treatment for the busy person who sometimes neglects to eat the right foods or take healthy supplements in their everyday life. By visiting Nirunda Clinic regularly, you can assure yourself that you’re getting all the nutrients and vitamins you need.

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Nirunda Aesthetic Clinic offers many more treatments besides their range of injections. To learn more about their wide range of treatments, including skin treatments, aesthetic surgery, and fat reduction treatments, contact them and make an appointment for a consultation today.

Thailand’s Growth in Aesthetic Medical Care

As aesthetic procedures became more accepted as a type of elective surgery, Thailand found itself at the forefront of this growth. The hundreds of clinics all over the country invested in the latest types of treatments, training their doctors and staff and investing in the equipment needed to perform them properly. Today, Thailand is one of the world’s favorite destinations for breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation may be the most desired procedure, but the hospitals and clinics of the Kingdom offer a wide range of procedures, both non-surgical and surgical. Visitors can travel to Thailand to have facial procedures, including rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, chin augmentation and total face lifts. Body surgery can include liposuction, hip augmentation, vaginal tightening, forearm lifting, abdominal tightening surgery, and gender reassignment surgery. These clinics also offer non-surgical injection aesthetic services such as eyebrow threading, Botox injections, hyaluronic acid filler injections, PRP and vitamin injections. The chance to recover in a tropical paradise also helps people decide on Thailand as a destination for their procedure. The thought of laying in a hammock on a tropical beach far away from home as you recover from breast augmentation surgery or rhinoplasty is appealing to patients. Thailand is known for the warmth and hospitality of its people. It's the perfect atmosphere to recover from a medical procedure or surgery. Consider all the benefits of a stay in Thailand. The low costs, warm and friendly service, modern conveniences, excellent medical care, and beautiful, laid-back lifestyle make it easy to choose Thailand as the destination for an aesthetic medical procedure.