*Recovery times / Results May Vary

dual yellow

Non-Ablative Photo Rejuvenation

Dual Yellow is a good choice because it can successfully treat a very wide range of skin lesions and dyschromia as well as wrinkles, acne, poikiloderma of civatte bumps and lumps. With dual colors green and yellow light laser, DY delivers greater control and better outcomes with reduced skin damage and discomfort where you can go back to your daily activities with no downtime from the treatment.


The Dual Yellow has two output wavelengths which can be used separately or combined to produce high power densities. The two wavelengths of DY are at 511 and 578nm. where the 511nm line is green being further up the melanin absorption curve is well absorbed by melanin. Thus this wavelength is ideal for treating all pigmented lesions which contain melanin. The 578nm yellow line is not so well absorbed by melanin allowing it to transmit through the pigment in the epidermis but however it is well absorbed by hemoglobin thus it is possible to photo-coagulate superficial blood vessels without damage to the overlying structures including pigmented skin.

These are the critical advantages of the Dual Yellow laser yellow light output, lower absorption by the melanin means:

- Less damage to the overlying epidermis.
- Less pain because light energy absorbed in the pigment raises the temperature of the epidermis causing pain.
- Lower power can be used to provide excellent results because all the light energy reaches the target chromophore and hemoglobin. The hemoglobin heat is transferred to - the vessel wall to cause photo-coagulation and destruction of the vessel.

The Dual Yellow emits at very high energy density so as to photo-coagulate the target chromophore in the shortest possible time so as to spare adjacent structures but not so high as to crate bursting of vessels which results in purpura (bruising of the skin). The very rapid heating of blood vessels explains why the Dual Yellow is superior in treating all vascular lesions. Slower heating that is seen with an IPL can cause severe damage to the epidermis in an attempt to cause photo coagulation. While the Dual yellow should never produce blisters only minimal erythema lasting few hours at most.
The immediate results of treatment are an important factor for client satisfaction and return visits. The ideal situation is that the lesion has disappeared immediately after treatment and no obvious signs of the treatment remain.