Soprano ice platinum (SHR)

Soprano ice platinum (SHR)

                    The soprano ice platinum SHR Technology (Super hair removal) by Alma lasers is the newest and most advance technology for hair removal laser which well-known as trio gold protocol. The benefits of SHR Technology are; less pain, less downtime, fast and safe, and good result for any hair types. The technology combines 3 wavelengths; Alexandrite laser, Diode laser and ND yag.
                    Good for any skin types, hair size, and hair colors. The 3 main anatomical targets include the Bulge, Bulb, and Papilla. It has special facial tip that can reach very small areas such as ears, glabella, eyebrows, upper lip, chin, as well as the nostrils.
                    SHR delivers a massage like sensation and sweeping motion that ensures better coverage and the assurance of less pain and a very mild treatment, In-motion technology which accumulates high-energy that has triple targeting treatment simultaneously to the depths of the skin, unlike the traditional electrolysis, IPL and ND yag lasers in the market. Because of its adjustable wavelengths that are advance developed, making it safe to use even in darker skin tones as well as been able to target lighter hair color. The tip of the device that contacts the skin have cooling effect ( -4˚C) together with a clear gel to keep the skin surface comfortable throughout the treatment leaving less harm to skin and leaving it undamaged.

Local anesthesia and anesthetic cream is not required for the treatment and a topical cream in-case of any redness in the treated area.

How many treatments will I need?

                    It requires 6-8 session continuously four to six weeks apart depends on the individual. But, what it does is slowing the growth of the hair follicle and making it thinner so that. There is no need of shaving or waxing on the daily basis. Do not wax or pluck your hair 1 month before doing SHR Laser. When the hair grows, you can only do shaving prior to your appointment.

What are the possible side effects?

                    Although SHR has a less pain sensation and reduced risk of adverse side effects. Rare cases occur such as redness within the area that is treated, blisters, irritation, crusting or even scarring. Some might be minor issues but definitely inconvenient and some will tend to fade away in time until the skin will go back to normal. Moisturizers will have a big role to prevent the issues from lasting.